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Our products and services include:

Analyzing and Forecasting the Commercial Outlook for Drugs on the Market and in Research and Development

Pharmacor, Decision Resources' flagship advisory service, assesses the overall clinical and commercial environment for drug therapies within a disease indication.

Emerging Markets
The Ultimate Analysis of New and Growing Pharmaceutical Markets
Decision Resources is the FIRST and ONLY company to offer a syndicated report series for high-growth emerging markets with comprehensive disease-specific analysis.

Empowering Decision Makers with Robust Data and Analysis

DecisionBase combines market forecasts with clinical and commercial end points to assess market share projections in 35 indications.

Customizable Epidemiological Data

PatientBase is a flexible data tool set that you can easily manipulate to create custom epidemiological projections of key patient segments.

Physician & Payer Forum
Primary Market Research at a Multi-Client Price

Physician & Payer Forum includes direct feedback from high-volume-prescribing primary care physicians, viewpoints from the managed care sector and insight into the impact of events on specific markets.

Treatment Algorithms
Quantifying Lines of Therapy Through Patient-Level Claims Data

The Treatment Algorithms Insight Series delivers real value by examining physicians’ actual prescribing behavior as they initiate therapy and move through second- and third-line choices.

Invaluable Corporate and Commercial Analysis of the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaview offers all the insight you need to understand how each player in the biopharmaceutical industry functions. Financial information, individual company breakdown, therapeutic analysis and impact of major events are all contained in a subscription to Pharmaview.

NEW Global Market Access Solution
Expert Commercial Insights. Deep Global Coverage.
A “one-stop shop” interactive dashboard—and Insights Library—to aid in Market Access decision-making globally. Answer business questions on market entry, market access barriers, go-to-market strategies, and payer messaging…through a country or indication lens.Take the stress out of Global Market Access decisions.

Turning Global Industry Trends into Actionable Insights
Spectrum is series of high-level, strategic reports from Decision Resources Group thought leaders, designed for corporate executives in the biopharma industry.

Niche Markets and Rare Diseases
Syndicated Market Research for Assessing Niche Pharmaceutical Markets
Providing vital insights into the competitive landscape and market opportunities for a given disease, helping companies save time and resources compared with expensive consulting engagements.

Consulting & Advisory Services
Decision Resources Consulting group is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical, biotech and other healthcare companies develop true competitive advantage.

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